Module 5 - Traffic & Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1- I don’t want to put my face on Camera. Does Affiliate Marketing Still work for me?

A1 – Absolutely Yes. You can check this course to learn how.

Q2- How to drive traffic to my affiliate product review offers?

A2 – I’ll be adding more videos on this subject. Please subscribe in the form on this page to get notified, when I add new videos.

In the meanwhile you can check the three products below as described in the Training video on this page.

Q3- Some of the above courses, require Clickfunnels to make the needed squeeze and Optin pages. However Clickfunnles has expensive recurring fee. Are their alternatives?

A3 – Yes, you can register to Groove on the link below, which gives you 3 free funnels, where you can start before you need to upgrade.

Or you can check Geminii, which has a one time fee only .

Q4- If I follow the training, I’ll start building an Email list of Buyers? What to do with them to maximize the value of my list?

A4 – This is another topic, I’m working on in the form of a deep dive hands on course. But in the meanwhile I recommend you check the below products.

Q5- How to scale up from here?

A5 – To increase your income, there are two options. Either you start creating your digital products (eBooks, Information Courses, Software or Coaching Programs) or you promote High Ticket Offers. For promoting high ticket offers, you might want to check this excellent course. 

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