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The digital transformation has impacted many jobs in the 21st century. Many jobs are lost, and others are on the way to be replaced by machines and software.

The covid 19 Pandemic increased the pain of people trying to make a living and even more people lost their jobs and are struggling to find new jobs to pay their bills.

And the remaining businesses needed to cope with a new reality to survive (Home Office, remote conferencing, online education etc)

However, the digital transformation offers lot of new business opportunities for open minded people, who are capable and willing to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to seize this opportunity.

And this mind set change is not optional, people who fail to adapt will fall into permanent poverty. They will not be able help their families. And they will be a burden on their societies. 

In this world of increased digitization and hence rapidly evolving consumer behavior, one of the main business domains that was fundamentally impacted is Marketing. 

Digital Marketing is hence a rapidly evolving business segment and due to all the challenges caused by the Digital Transformation and the Pandemic, it is gaining a huge importance on how to conduct business in the future. This is a business evolution, which is here to stay.

However, as Internet Marketing is a relatively new discipline and has very wide aspects, which need to be mastered in order to achieve the targeted business success, it is neither easy nor efficient to try to learn it with no mentoring or support.

And for most it is a very competitive echo system. Many Marketers are fighting to win the same audience. So, only the Internet Marketer, who knows what he is doing and have the persistency to accept the challenge will prevail.

I say this from my own experience. My business was also impacted by the Pandemic and as I tried to figure out how Online Marketing works, I lost lot of time, effort and for most money on the journey.

Then I got coaching and advise and I started to understand how this game works and started seeing results and making money online. I also met lot of successful people in this domain and started to see what worked for them and what didn’t.


What you will learn

In this course, I’ll share with you:

  • What the whole Digital Transformation is all about?
  • You will learn what are the Characteristics of a successful Digital Entrepreneur and how to have the right Mindset
  • You will learn to understand further what Marketing is and how digital marketing differs from traditional marketing?
  • You will also learn the value you can bring to your customers by understanding the Customer Journey
  • And I’ll focus on giving you a deep dive into one of the most and easiest ways to make money online for people who still don’t have own products and that is Affiliate Marketing.

At the end of this course, you will be equipped with the insights and skills needed to generate a steady online income even if you are a complete newbie and be ready to take the next levels of this interesting and inspiring business journey for more income and Freedom.

All what you need will be in your hands, but you will want to take action and implement what I’m teaching you to achieve the anticipated results. And I will be here to accompany you on every step of the way.


Module 1

  • Digital Marketing In The Context Of Time
  • Mindset, A Precondition For Success In Internet Marketing
  • An Introduction About Internet Marketing Business Model

Module 2

Getting Ready (Tools And Preparation)

Module 3

Product Launch Review Structure

Module 4

Affiliate Marketing Deep Dive Case Study

Module 5

Traffic & Conclusion

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